Sasuke Uchiha is a playable character in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja.

Appearance Edit

Voice Actors Edit

Movelist Edit

  • Fire Smash Thrust:

Square, Square, Square, Front+Square

  • Turning Flame Kick:

Square, Square, Square, Down+Square

  • Flaming Flower Kick:

Up+Square, Square

  • Sliding Back Kick:

Down+Square, Square

  • Knee Back Hit:

(Throw) Back+Square

  • Wild Dance of Fire Dust:

(While jumping) Up+Square, Square, Square

  • Wild Dance of Raging Fire:

(While jumping) Down+Square, Square, Square

  • Wild Dance of Spouting Fire:

(While jumping) Square, Square, Square

  • Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu:

(Chakra technique) Square, Square, Square, Up+Square

  • Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu:

(Chakra technique) Down, Down+Square

  • Barrage:

(Chakra Gauge 1 or Over) Triangle, Square

  • Sharingan:

(Chakra Gauge 2 or Over) Triangle, Triangle, Square

(Chakra Gauge 3) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square

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Trivia Edit

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