List of achievements (Xbox Live Arcade and Steam) and trophies (PlayStation Network) for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

  1. Perfect Storm Master
  2. Genin Training Arc Complete
  3. Chunin Exam Arc Complete
  4. Leaf Destruction Arc Complete
  5. The Search for Tsunade Arc Complete
  6. Chasing Sasuke Arc Complete
  7. Overflowing with Innocence
  8. A Long Road Ahead
  9. You've Got Potential
  10. A Formidable Presence
  11. Hidden Leaf's New Hero
  12. Order Representative
  13. A Satisfying Selection
  14. Support Ninjutsu 101
  15. Support Ninjutsu Master
  16. Ninjutsu 101
  17. Ninjutsu Master
  18. Ramen Lover
  19. Ramen Gourmand
  20. Newbie Figure Collector
  21. Amateur Figure Collector
  22. Veteran Figure Collector
  23. Ultimate Jutsu Fan
  24. Ultimate Jutsu Maniac
  25. Ultimate Jutsu Master
  26. Music Fan
  27. Music Maniac
  28. Music Master
  29. Acrobatic Ninja
  30. How to Use a Rasengan
  31. Shuriken Pro
  32. Shuriken Master
  33. Naruto Cannon Novice
  34. Naruto Cannon Pro
  35. Naruto Cannon Master
  36. Finish with a Ninja Tool! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with an item.
  37. Finish with a Support Combo! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with a Support Combo.
  38. Finish with Support Ninjutsu! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with Support Ninjutsu.
  39. Finish with an Ultimate Jutsu! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with an Ultimate Jutsu.
  40. Finish with a Full Power Ultimate Jutsu! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with an Ultimate Jutsu with the Storm Gauge at MAX.
  41. Finish with an Ultimate Impact! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with an Ultimate Impact.
  42. Finish with a Throw! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with a throw.
  43. Finish with Ninjutsu! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with Ninjutsu.
  44. Finish with a Downed Strike! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent with an additional strike after downing them.
  45. Finish while Awakened! (15G/Bronze): Finished an opponent while Awakened.
  46. Interrupt an Ultimate Jutsu! (15G/Bronze): Interrupted an opponent's Ultimate Jutsu.
  47. Succeed with a Supportive Extra Hit! (15G/Bronze): Attacked an opponent with a Supportive Extra Hit.
  48. Prevent an Extra Hit! (15G/Bronze): Prevented an opponent's Extra Hit.
  49. This is how a ninja fights! (15G/Bronze): Finished off an opponent from a wall.
  50. Ninjutsu Clash! (15G/Bronze): Won a Jutsu Clash.

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