Genin Training Arc Edit

Prologue: Legend of the Fourth Hokage

  • Description: The Nine-Tailed Fox has suddenly appeared. The legend of the Fourth Hokage is now revealed.
  • Story Outline: The Village Hidden in the Leaves, Land of Fire. In this world, where many ninja live and act behind the scenes... there is a young man within whom the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit is sealed: Naruto Uzumaki. His fantastic, tumultuous and spectacular action drama of fierce, heated battles is about to begin!!!
  • Player: Naruto Uzumaki
  • Opponent: Kakashi Hatake
  • Clear condition:
    • 1. Win the battle.

Chapter 1: Survival Exercise

  • Description: The Survival Exercise with Kakashi has begun! Will they become ninja?
  • Story Outline: I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the one who will become Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village someday! After graduating from the Ninja Academy, I was ordered to form a squad with the apple of my eye, Sakura, and that jerk Sasuke. One day, Kakashi sensei assigned us to a Survival Exercise! I've already done tons of exercises at the Ninja Academy!

Chapter 2: Nine-Tailed Fox!

  • Description: A fierce battle with Haku! When Sasuke was backed into a corner, the Nine-Tail awoke...!
  • Story Outline: We finally become genin and had to undertake lots of missions. On one of these missions, we escorted an old man named Tazuna, but Zabuza Momochi and Haku, two ninja of the Hidden Mist, appeared and we had to fight them. During the fierce battle, Sasuke was seriously injured when he tried to same me! Why... Why did he do that just for me...?
  • Player: Naruto Uzumaki
  • Opponent: Haku
  • Clear condition:
    • 1. Win the battle.

Chapter 4: Battle with the Demon

  • Description: A duel between Kakashi and Zabuza! Stop his movement with Sharingan!
  • Story Outline: While I was fighting Haku, Kakashi sensei was fighting Zabuza. Zabuza is called the Demon of the Hidden Mist and is incredibly powerful...! But, but! Our Kakashi sensei is much stronger! Believe it!!
  • Player: Kakashi Hatake
  • Opponent: Zabuza Momochi
  • Clear condition:
    • 1. Win the battle.

Leaf Destruction Arc Edit

Chapter 4: Curse Mark

  • Description: The Chunin Exam has begun! Orochimaru has appeared before Naruto and Sasuke!
  • Story Outline: When we finished the mission in the Land of Waves and returned to the Hidden Leaf Village, the Chunin Exam was waiting for us. We took the exam and passed the first test! Then, we moved on to the next test. Here, we met an unbelievably strong man. His name was Orochimaru. Sasuke was enthralled by his strength. I'm disappointed in you, Sasuke!!
  • Player: Naruto Uzumaki
  • Opponent: Orochimaru
  • Clear condition:
    • 1. Win the battle.

Tsunade Search Arc Edit

Sasuke Retrieval Arc Edit

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